lh: i could take you any day come at me bro
ms: are you trying to be cool because it’s really not working
lh: says the guy in short shorts who’s holding a pink bag
ms: Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ


☆彡 Estheerrrrr

Fans encountered Tao and Sehun playing basketball together. A fan caught the ball for them. After that they went to a park just chatting and dancing around in circle.

140415 exo’s comeback showcase - ‘run’ (xiuhan duet @ 02:30)


all for one

lh: what does it meaaannn your addiction is getting out of hand please don’t leave me to start a cafe with jongdae please TT_____TT

fine let’s talk

can some xiuhan anons learn not go leaving messages in a hunhan shipper’s ask, trying to stir up trouble? but u know what, maybe it’s a good thing, since if a xiuhan fan indeed left that kind of message, then we deserve such a reply. 

(that’s not to say hunhan shippers are all innocent though. but if some fans are like that, then let’s sort it out)

i don’t ship hunhan. but saying they’re fabricated is too much lol. i think you can tell they’re very close and still are. there are a lot of predebut stuff pointing to this, and whether the xiuhan anon was being biased, a troll or funny, yes she was wrong.

imo yes, SM was promoting hunhan very clearly during mama era. but if you look /past/ it all, put away your bias or emotions, you can see they’re close. like i said, a ship can be promoted, but not fabricated.

and hunhan is indeed the most popular ship by far. ((please don’t be mistaken i’m not putting the xiuhan ship as /victims/ but certainly having a ton of shippers who focuses on the ship helps)).

given all the photos and videos I see of hunhan whenever they go to China, stand anywhere near each other, interacting or not, I can get a pretty clear idea that yes, hunhan are obvious more popular in China and everywhere else.

what was that xiuhan anon thinking tbh? xiuhan is popular in China lol #ok sure.

first to the xiuhan anon. xiuhan is NOT popular in China. they are by far one of the LEAST popular ship. in Japan? I think they’re not /unknown/ but I don’t think they’re that popular either.

so stop claiming ‘xiuhan is popular or better or more genuine.”


onto my reply.

Sorry to break it to you but the majority of china still ships hunhan which is such a sarcastic and hilarious story since SM is trying to break into that market yet they keep trying to push xiuhan onto them when they’re hunhan shippers.

yes. the majority of china still ships hunhan. why are some xiuhan shippers so doubtful or so sure they’re popular? to some xiuhan shippers, wake up our ship isn’t that popular lmao.

oh? sm keeps trying to push xiuhan toward the Chinese fans? last time I remember, at smtown beijing and the jackie chan concert there were hunhan moments? 

you make it sound like, if sm were to promote a ship, they should be promoting hunhan because they’re popular in China (and everywhere tbh). so would you like that? for sm to continue promoting hunhan?

now that you mentioned it, hunhan are so popular everywhere. there’s no need to /unpromote/ a ship. 

"why fix it if it an’t broken" eh? sm knows hunhan are popular so why would they purposely try to promote xiuhan instead?

and ships have never helped in terms of popularity. instead, xiumin is actually hated more (esp in China) because of xiuhan. 

ships do not help in a member’s popularity and for people to have that idea…if sm really wanted to promote xiumin they would have given him more things to do, more lines to sing, even a dance stage. no need to go out of the way and do something so tedious as a ship.

Xiuhan started out as a “real” ship but now they’re just pure fanservice imo. I can’t tell anything apart anymore because every moment they have seems so staged.

all these conspiracy theories. xiuhan aren’t always together though? luhan hangs out with kris, sometimes with lay. xiumin hangs out with chen, sometimes with kris. 

xiuhan are not always together. and if they do hang out or go shopping, it’s now “they’re doing fanservice” or “sm ordered xiuhan to go shopping” just to promote their ship off stage?

so what, now when xiuhan interacts offstage it’s fanservice? when xiuhan interacts onstage it’s /also/ fanservice?

eh, I didn’t know xiumin’s lack of skinship is a means of fanservice though? oh I didn’t know luhan was such a fanservice king too? everything they do is fanservice then?

glad to know because given that luhan and xiumin are great at fanservice, we can safely assume that hunhan during mama era was not only promoted but purely fanservice as well?

but now, if it were hunhan always together doing this and that, always going shopping, or “everywhere” as you claim, would that be fanservice to you? and if yes, then well I guess sm and exo boys are really good at acting.

They’re everywhere and it’s just sickening.  They take fanservice to a whole other level and it’s just annoying. Shippers always trying to dig up gold where there’s always fools gold

shippers always trying to dig up gold, but it’s ‘fool’s gold.’ the same can be said about any ship and that applies to the hunhan ship as well then.

how do they take fanservice to a whole other level? what have they done that they did not do with another exo member? or what has xiuhan done that another ship hasn’t done?

I’ve seen a whole mess of xiuhan shippers complain about xiuhan not doing the diamond formation for the opening of the song. There’s nothing to whine about. Xiuhan didn’t get to do it, big deal. Get over it and stop whining about that. 

really? I see a whole mess of hunhan shippers pointing their fingers at xiuhan/taohun/xiumin/tao and how it directly affects their ship. please direct me to the xiuhan shippers not doing the diamond formation because you really must follow a lot of xiuhan stans right? 


Sehun-ah, there isn’t much I can do for you, but I hope you’ll understand my feelings. You understand even without me saying anything, right? keke

You ate (grew) another year older. Happy birthday! Hun-ah I’m really happy and feel supported because I have you ~ Let’s move forward together forever.

Let’s live happily forever ~ I can speak like this because it’s your birthday, right? kekekeke

Keep in mind, don’t worry about anything because you have me. I’ll be by your side forever. Happy birthday again ~

Hyung will… Haha anytime you want, I’ll call you hyung keke


(fancam) 140411 ‘hello’ greeting party in japan - xiumin vs. luhan for the claw crane game (luhan won)

xiumin vs luhan for the claw crane game a.k.a. the battle of who tops tonight

lost souls